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COVID update (Jun 2024):All events - Partner Classes, Salsa BodyWorks, Private Lessons, Parties and Bespoke Events - are fully up and running! See our full COVID Policy Statement.

Beginner Classes

Beginners music playlist

New to Salsa?

FANTASTIC …We LOVE new dancers!

...and your first Exe Salsa beginner class is completely FREE!

Do you...

Or just Salsa-curious …because it looks so damn cool!
Whatever your reason, this class is where to start!

What is Salsa?

Here are some more FAQs...

YES! You don't need to bring a partner: in all group classes partners rotate. This gives everyone the chance to experience different leads and follows which is an essential skill for learning to social dance, it's also a great way to meet and connect with your classmates for social dancing after class.

NO! The dress code for partner classes is clean, smart/casual clothing that you feel comfortable in. Suede or plastic-soled dancing shoes are ideal, but street shoes are fine to wear for basic classes. However, flip flops, or chunky boots aren't recommended as can be difficult to move quickly in!

For SalsaBodyWorks classes you can wear your regular exercise kit, or anything you can move freely in. Suede-soled dancing shoes are ideal, but smooth-soled, lightweight trainers or even just thick socks can be worn for level 1 classes.

YES! Beginners are welcome every week and your first beginner lesson is always FREE. Call/email to book your first session as free sessions per week are limited.

NO! Absolutely no previous dance ability is required, we’ll teach you from the very first steps onwards!

YES! All levels are taught on a rolling program so you can just join in the following week and catch up later in the program.

NO! You don’t need anything else, but a sense of fun and a keenness to learn is always welcome! You may also bring your own water, but please help support our venue by purchasing all other alcoholic and soft drinks from the bar.

YES! Although we are conveniently located in the heart of the city for public transport, there are several car parks and on-street parking areas nearby.

Our partner dancing lessons are primarily Eddie Torres style crossbody Salsa On-1. This is also the basis for footwork and styling classes, although for these it will be less of a problem if you already dance Cuban style. Parties will be mainly New York Mambo, Salsa Dura/Moderna, Cha cha; both old classics and brand new music, but always the best danceable tunes! We also play Cuban, including Rueda as well as Cha-cha, Bachata and Merengue. Pre-party warm-up classes for all levels may include Salsa On-2, Cha-cha, Pachanga, role-reversal, Rueda, national/international guest teachers and more!

Ahhh...now that depends on several things!

Previous dance experience may be helpful, but also may hinder if other dance muscle memories kick in!

How often you attend classes and socials, and practice at home. Ideally a few hours a week, which will really speed up the process!

Listening to authentic Salsa music will really help develop an understanding of the rhythms and make you more comfortable moving to familiar sounds. Check out our beginner playlist.

Ask questions in class, curiosity never killed a Salsa dancer, only made them a better one!

Like all new skills, the greatest results come from plenty of practice...which is the most fun!

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